Change How Google Indexes Your Site/Blog

Did you know that Google allows you to set your preference as to how they index your site? Well, if you didn’t, you do now! Google’s Webmaster Tools allows users to set their preference for what URL Google uses to index your site.

Once it’s set, Google will follow any links to your site, regardless of formatting, using the format you set. This means that your URL will appear in Google’s search results the way you want it to – no matter how it is being used on the internet. Your search engine rankings will be based on your URL preference, not how people link to you.

So how do you change your site settings? Easy…I’ll show you after the cut, as this is an image heavy post.  [Read more...]

WordPress Theme Development Skills Added

Lately I’ve been working on adding some new WordPress theme development skills to my arsenal. What you see on this blog is just a very basic skeleton of a theme. I actually have not applied any of the newer elements that WordPress allows or any of the “hacks” if you will that one can use when developing a theme.

Recently I have learned how to do a few tricks that I feel will come in handy when I begin developing themes for download. These tricks include adding custom menu support, use of Google Web Fonts, and self-updating copyright dates.  I also am able to code in, for those who might do paid posting or sponsored posting, the option to use a per-post disclosure that can be executed with a shortcode.

Some of these things I learned via WordPress’s Codex, others I learned by searching Google for how to do them. Still others I gleaned from other web developer’s blogs, where they were kind enough to give instructions on how to do certain things with your WordPress themes via the functions file.

While you cannot view these changes on this blog, as I have not implemented them as of yet, you may view these changes on Gamer Doll, where I have added support for two custom menus, Google Web Fonts, and added support for self-updating copyright dates. That particular site does not do sponsored posting, so the disclosure shortcode is not included in that site.

Learning HTML5 & CSS3

I have to say, learning HTML5 & CSS3 is easier than I thought it would be while still being interesting. I do find it extremely interesting that according to the videos I’m using to learn, coding is strictly web development, which the graphic interface portion of the site is strictly web/graphic design. Hmmm, I’d been told that graphic interface design + HTML/CSS coding = Web Design and that anything further than HTML/CSS such as JavaScript, ASP.Net, VisualBasic, or PHP and beyond was web development. Weird.